About me

A seeker, lover of the Light.
Creating vision through Light, made from and with Love.
My love for art, creating, entertaining my eyes, dancing with the moonlight, sunlight & starlight began a long long time ago. Far off in another galaxy. The darkroom, lol. Well way before that too. I already loved shooting, once i learned how to develop and print my own black & white film, I fell in love with the science of these creations. Transforming a moment in time, weaving darkness and light together to create a stamp, if you will, an imprint in the once(and just maybe still is) now.
I love to photograph all subject matter. My visions evolve, twist, bend, break, weave, always. This inspires me. Darkness humbles me. Light beacons me, touches me, because that is, in fact what I am. All of us are.
~Forever is composed of nows~ Emily Dickinson